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James Lindsay’s “A Lindsay Family Story”

Edited by Christopher Arnander

The late James Lindsay wrote an informal history of his branch of the Lindsays in 1989 which was published privately, with text only.  It has now been revised and the second edition was released in August 2019 to the public in a new version including many illustrations.  It has 378 pages, with 88 photo plates and numerous illustrations throughout the text.  This is an outstanding piece of work containing some familiar scenes but many stories and pictures of the Balcarres Lindsays never before been seen or aired outside the family.  The price is £30 (hardback) and £20 (paperback), plus £5.29 post and packing.  Any interest can be notified to Christopher Arnander at

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Lindsay’s War

A Personal History, Sept 1914 to May 1919

Written by Paul Middleton

The Story through letters, drawings and photographs, of artist and hero John Seymour Lindsay, his survival of the Second Battle of Ypres, and the Battle of Gommecourt on the Somme in the Great War. Click here for further details.

LINDSAY “Ane Surname of Renown”

Written by John Lindsay, Biggar, Scotland

The origins of the Lindsays have been unclear, confused between Normandy and Flanders and even Norway. This book looks afresh with updated new evidence and traces their descent across 13 centuries until continuing down one of their many family branches to today. A must read for Lindsays everywhere and for those interested in the art of family history.  Click here for further details.

Betrayed Ally: China in the Great War

Written by Frances Wood & Christopher Arnander

Though distant, the Great War helped China emerge from humiliation and obscurity and take its first tentative steps as a full member of the global community where it is now so indisputably established. Paradoxically, how this cataclysmic change came about and China’s role in the Great War has been largely neglected. Essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the Chinese position today. Click here for further details.

Studs Up: Seven stories that are almost entirely nothing to do with football

Written by David Lindsay

A collection of short stories and novellas about ordinary people with the odd reference to football. Another humorous book with characters that you can’t help but invest in. I really enjoyed it and I don’t even like football! As always with David Lindsay products, all profits go to charity. Click here for further details.

Interactive Clan Map of Scotland

Lochcarron of Scotland have created an online, interactive map showing the lands associated with each of the Clans, including the Lindsays. Take a look and let us know what you think! Click here for further details. UPDATED: Lochcarron have also launched a new Interactive Clan Battlefield Map of Scotland. The map includes over 79 clan battles from the beginning of the 12th to the 18th century. Click here to explore.

Private Lord Crawford’s Great War Diaries: From Medical Orderly to Cabinet Minister

Edited by Christopher Arnander

The personal diary of the 27th Earl of Crawford who joined the Royal Army Medical Corps as a Private, spending 14 months on the Western Front. Click here for further details

Cape Wrath to Brora: A Walking Adventure Across Sutherland

Written by Nick Lindsay

The story of a seven day solo walking trip over 75 miles, drawing the reader into an incredible journey of a lifetime. Click here for further details

FAT Girlfriend: Furious, Armed, Threatening

Written by David Lindsay

Jake seems a typical commuter with a safe, well-paid job – which he hates. But his life is about to change forever. An irreverent, slightly violent, but very funny story and all proceeds go to charity. Click here for further details