The late Lady Mary Bethune Varney

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Lady Mary Bethune Varney was the daughter of the 14th Earl of Lindsay, sister of the Hon. John Lindesay-Bethune and Aunt of Jamie, 16th Earl of Lindsay.  Mary was born in 1935 and was the youngest of four children.  She married Owen Varney, then serving in the Scots Guards, and had three children, Mark, Guy and Georgina.  She had ten grandchildren.  After her marriage, she lived in the south and she loved taking her children to stay with their grandparents at Kilconquhar and Lahill, and was a great supporter of the Society.  She was present at the Gatherings whenever she could be.  She was very proud of her grandchildren and always did her best to attend the key moments of their lives.  When she was growing up she spent a large part of her youth at Kilconquhar which was her home.  Her Lindsay heritage was very important to her.

Many people said about her that she had a great calmness, gentleness and dignity with a twinkle that was never far away.  This was eclipsed by her beauty.  She had a lovely face and wonderful hands.  Tragically she died on 11th March 2011 following a serious illness.