Membership of The Clan Lindsay Society is open to all who have descent from a Lindsay by the male or female line, or bear the name Lindsay, or any of its many spellings, from anywhere in the world.

The principal object is to bring together a “living family” of people all bearing the same surname, or descent from the surname, Lindsay, irrespective of its origin and spelling. It is quite possible, but by no means certain, that many of the present Members of the Society are descendants of the Lindsay family established in Scotland by one Walter de Lindeseia in the time of King David I.

Annual membership is just £7.50 payable on 1st February each year.

Download the membership form and join us now! We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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Membership fees in US Dollars:

There have been some recent changes in the USA on how US Dollar cheques are processed.  Subscriptions and other payments to the Society by US Dollar cheques have for some time presented difficulties to us because of the high level of commission charged by our bank in relation to the value of the cheques.  The recent changes in the USA have compounded these difficulties for us and so we regret that, most unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept payment by US Dollar cheques.  We can accept US Dollar payments made electronically, direct to our bank.  Until further notice, the subscription rates for electronic payment are $25 for one year, $35 for two years, and $45 for three years.  These amounts reflect the exchange costs charged to us by our bank.  Alternatively, we would encourage you to pay by sterling cheque or transfer if possible.  The rates for such payments are cheaper, at £7.50 for one year, £15 for two years, and £22.50 for three years.  We really want to keep our valued US members.  We hope that one of these payment methods will be right for you.

Please contact us for other currencies if unable to pay in sterling