Glasclune Monument Project

The Battle of Glasclune in 1392 became one of the first ever recorded instances of the classic “Highland Charge”. Also known as the Raid on Angus, the bravery of the lairds, knights and other men on the receiving end of the charge, augments the tale of the Clans and families working together, as opposed to against each other.

The Clans mentioned in the records are the Lindsays, Grays, Ogilvies, Guthries, Pitcairns and Youngs. Sir David Lindsay of Edzell is noted for his particular acts of bravery on the battlefield.

Similar to a project carried out by Clan Leslie for the Battle of Harlaw in 1411, Clan Young of Canada hope to erect a monument near Glasclune. The estimate to complete the project is around $6,000 and the Clan Lindsay Society have been invited to participate in this project. Douglas Young, the Clan Historian and Convener of Clan Young Canada, is coordinating the fundraising.

The monument will be dedicated to those Clans who were noted as defending Angus, despite suffering great losses in this unsuccessful battle. A Clan Young Gathering will be planned for Members to attend the erection of the monument when a suitable site has been identified, in Scotland.  A suitable date has not yet been established.

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