Arnander Publications

Christopher Arnander, Writer, Editor and Publisher.

Christopher’s mother, Lady Cynthia Anne Lindsay (1904 -1997), was the daughter of the 27th Earl of Crawford, David Alexander Edward Lindsay.

Christopher is the author of a number of publications, although perhaps his most valued works, as far as Members of the Society are concerned, relate to compilations of Lindsay Family history which he has researched and published into the public domain.

The most notable of these is the book entitled “Private Lord Crawford’s Great War Diaries: From Medical Orderly to Cabinet Minister“.  In some respects this is a companion volume to “The Crawford Papers“, both publications based on the diaries of Christopher’s grandfather, Lord Crawford.  Click here for more information.

His most recent publication is an edited version of “A Lindsay Family Story” based on the writings of his Uncle James, son of the 27th Earl.  The Hon. James Louis Lindsay died in 1997 and is survived by his son Stephen who is also a Member and regular attender of our Society functions.  James was an Honorary Member of our Society from 1955 until 1997. Unfortunately, he died before he could publish his collection of family stories and the task fell on Christopher, with the valued assistance of James Lindsay’s children and the Balcarres Lindsay family, to complete the task.  The book was published in August 2019.  Click here for more information.