James Lindsay’s Family Story

A Lindsay Family Story: An Informal and Selective Chronicle of a Scottish Clan across Four Continents and Nine Centuries

The late James Lindsay, second son of the 27th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres (Clan Chief: 1913-40), wrote an informal history of his branch of the Lindsays in 1989.  It has now been published and is available in hardback (ISBN: 978-0-955-51633-7)  or paperback (ISBN: 978-0-955-51632-0) editions.  The book contains 378 pages, 88 photo plates and many  illustrations throughout the text, including some of James’s own work – he was a talented artist.  The price is £30 (hardback) and £20 (paperback), plus £5.29 post and packing.  Any interest can be notified to Christopher Arnander at christopher@arnander.co.uk

It chronicles activities of the Lindsays since the arrival on these shores, with William the Conqueror, of Gilbert of Ghent, now generally accepted as the first British Lindsay.  The Lindsay role is described in politics, diplomacy, warfare, bibliography, religion, art, farming, industry and science, across four continents and nine centuries.  The book has been edited by Christopher Arnander.

The images below show:-  Sir David Lindsay duelling in mortal combat with Lord Welles on London Bridge; Lady Anne Barnard, author of the ballad Auld Robin Gray and a legendary figure in South African history; and below, the 27th Earl of Crawford as Chancellor of Manchester University.