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    Dennis Werda posted this query on the facebook page today:

    Are there any Lindsays here from DeKalb County, Illinois, or from Coburg/Ontario area of Canada?

    Andrew Jason Lindsay followed up immediately with something similar:
    How about Collingwood area? Manage

    Lindsay International is designing a solution so that questions like this can be answered with a simple visitor query. The newly unveiled refresh of presents three portals: [CLAN] [ONS] and [DNA]. You will see a pull-down menu from the ONS link on the website banner. That will take you to a search page where you can query howsoever you wish.

    The rub is this, that any query works from a database. The database will need to be populated. It is envisioned that this one will be populated over time with user/member contributed gedcoms, pre-validated of course. We would like something for our genealogical collaboration that is free from the noise, the data pollution, of the commercialized sites.

    We sincerely hope that this will gain traction through the involvement and efforts of volunteers.

    Regards to all,

    Joseph of Arlington



    I too am hopeful this site will provide more historical and genealogical material to and for our Clan MEMBERS. Of course the queries never stop, but now we have a site specific to that information. Thank you Mairi and Joseph Lindsay(JosephdeArlington).


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