Member Information

Annual General Meeting on Saturday 9th April 2016

NOTICE is hereby given that the AGM of the Clan Lindsay Society will take place on Saturday the 9th April, 2016 at 2:30pm at the Elphinstone Hotel, Biggar, Larnarkshire.

The Hotel is situated on the north side of the High Street in Biggar, which is located on the A702 Abington-Edinburgh road, just 12 miles North/East from the M74, Junction 13, or 25 miles South from the Edinburgh by-pass.


1)  Notice of Meeting and Apologies for Absence
2)  Minutes of the AGM of 11th April 2015
3)  Secretary’s report
4)  Treasurer’s report for the financial year ending 31st January 2016
5)  Webmaster’s report
6)  Election of Office Bearers and Board of Management
7)  The Clan Lindsay Gathering, 3rd September 2016 – update
8)  Gathering suggestions for 2017
9) Any other Competent Business

In order to save on postage costs, copies of relevant papers will be emailed to those members indicating their likely attendance, or who otherwise request them.

Tea will be served at the conclusion of the meeting.

Updated Constitution 2015

The Clan Lindsay Society Constitution has been updated with amendments agreed during recent Board Meetings and AGMs.

For the full, up-to-date, official version, please click here.